About the picture

From the Alberta Provincial Archives, H. Bamber collection BA 222. According to the information provided by the Provincial Archives, the picture was taken in front of the Union Cafe in Leduc Alberta ca 1915.  

The motorcycles in the picture are all early nineteen teens Excelsior and Indian V twins and a Henderson four.  It appears to be an 'event', perhaps a club ride?

The 1914 Henderson Directory for Edmonton has a listing for the "Edmonton Motorcycle Club Rooms" next to the "Edmonton Bicycle and & Motor Co." at 9635 and 9637 Jasper Avenue, between the Chung Gee Laundry, and the Royal Pantorium (laundry and clothes cleaner). The 1913 Henderson Directory shows the Edmonton Motor and Bicycle Co* but no club at 586 Jasper avenue, the same location as 1915, in 1914  the Edmonton street name and numbering system was changed.  The location of 586,  9635-7, was on the south side of Jasper Avenue between Jasper Avenue, 101 avenue, 96 street and 97 street, which today is a one bench, one tree, one trash can mini park and site of the Fort Edmonton Fort Garry Trail landmark.  The 1915 Henderson directory lists Chung Gee's laundry and the Royal Pantorium, but no more bicycle and motor shop, motorcycle club, or anything else for 9635-7 Jasper ave., not even a 'vacant' listing.  The Northern Motor Company, located at 37 Howard Avenue (10123 100A st.) was listed as an Indian Motorcycle dealer between 1914 and 1916, there is no listing for Northern Motor or Indian Motorcycle in 1917. At the same address was a listing for Charles W. Legget Motorcycle Repairs in 1914, there are no listings for Charles W Legget after 1914.
So what happened between 1914 and 1917?  Well, there was a world war, and 1914 was also the year Edmonton's first really big real estate boom busted.  The 1914 Henderson Directory estimated the Greater Edmonton population at 76,972**.  The 1916 Henderson Directory estimated population of Edmonton dropped to 60,582, noting that thousands of Edmonton's men were overseas, engaged in a "mighty vortex of tribulation and strife".   Another sign of hard times was the decline of building permit values from the 1912 high of $14,446.819 to 1914's 4,913,277 and 1915's plummet to $288,345.  The result was undeveloped developments, empty lots, abandoned half built houses, unpaid taxes, forfeitures for unpaid taxes and probably not much in the way motorcycle fun. 
Other than the Canadian Cosolidated Rubber Company advertising automobile, bicycle and motorcycle tires as well as pretty much every other rubber product, Henderson Directory does not have an entry related to motorcycles until until 1928, when a listing appears for the United Cycle and Motor Company on Whyte avenue near 104 street. Robert M. and Geo Montague were listed as the proprietors.  United Cycle, always in the Whyte and Gateway area, was a  motorcycle dealership until the 1990's.  United Cycle and Sport is still one of Edmonton's largest bicycle and sporting goods retailers. Another new listing for 1928 was Alberta Cycle under Bicycle Dealers and Repairers, located at 9151 118 avenue, but there was no indication in the 1928 Henderson's Alberta Cycle sold or repaired motorcycles in 1928. Alberta Cycle  disappears and reappears between 1929 and 1950, located in around 91 st. and 118 ave.  In 1935 their listing is  Alberta Cycle and Motor. The 1950 Henderson lists them as a Royal Enfield dealer. Alberta Cycle's proprietors through 1950 were listed as E G Greene and or Wm J Greene.

* Motor before Bicycle may have been an error in the 1913 Henderson edition.
**The Edmonton Henderson Directory was a business directory that listed the occupant or business associated with every street address in Edmonton, Calder, Beverly, "and all adjoining subdivisions, suburbs and environs" (pg. 142 June 1914 Henderson Directories Alberta, ltd. )
Henderson used their own data to estimate population, based on a multiple of the occupants who's names and addresses they had collected. Copies of Henderson Directories can be found in many Alberta libraries and online in the Peel Archives